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Breaker keeps tripping

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Breaker keeps tripping
I had a brand new spa installed on 11/7/06 and have used it only once because of electrical problems. The original electrician bypassed the GFCI in the spa breaker box to get the spa to run, without my permission. The spa company pointed this out to me and I called the electrician to remedy the situation. They came out and changed the box and said that the box keeps tripping because of the spa.I had a spa rep. come out yesterday and they showed me that it is not the spa by totally disconnecting the spa and the GFCI still is tripping.I am hoping to learn more about hooking up a GFCI so either I can fix the problem or know enough to tell the electrician what needs to be done, so that it is fixed next time and not this he-said, she-said blame game. I have attached a photo of the box.Thanks,Andy<img src="http:\\\Spa_GFCI.jpg" width="350" height="516">[/img]
Posted: 2007-01-13 12:20:39   By: andy_goldberg