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General, Spa and Hot Tub Q&A


If you have a tub you want to get rid of, post your city, state, (In the Subject Line!) and what it is you need to get rid of. There are a lot of folks out there looking for unwanted Tubs! After your spa has found a new home, please delete your message! (Used Spas Only! Dealers Welcome - No Spamming).  
Created: 2014/12/23 8:03:14 am Poster: Posts: 152
Specifically Redwood Hot Tubs and Spas, or any other tubs not made from acrylic. Moderated by Dr Spa of - RHTUBS.COM, Robert's Hot Tubs, Wooden and Ofuros.  
Created: 2014/12/23 8:04:51 am Poster: Posts: 14
Questions related to purchasing a new or used spa or hot tub.  
Created: 2011/05/31 5:51:40 pm Poster: Posts: 301
Anything having to do with taking care of your water!  
Created: 2014/12/23 7:51:50 am Poster: Posts: 322
Everything else that you can add to your spa or hot tub.  
Created: 2014/12/23 7:58:59 am Poster: Posts: 92
Interesting info about usage and service of folks hot tubs and spas everywhere.  
Created: 2014/12/23 7:53:55 am Poster: Posts: 69
Hints and service help ideas, thoughts - things you've found to work that would help others. Do not post your service questions here unless it is directly related to a help tip that has already been posted.  
Created: 2011/06/03 10:28:58 am Poster: Posts: 55