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OHH problem on Balboa 2000le

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OHH problem on Balboa 2000le
Overheating getting OHH error. I have a proform spa with 2 pumps, the first pump having 2 speeds. My tub heats up to desired temp and then shuts off as it is supposed to. When the heater turns back on, the pump (pump 1, low) does not start/circulate water causing an overheat. Short term solution has been to push the button to reactivate the pump and then it heats back up again. This works until the tub heats back up again, shuts off, heater turns back on and nothing... Daily problem and sometimes the system locks me out and doesnt let the pump turn back on for a while. It is not an airlock, I have removed the pump on a couple occasions. Wondering if this is a pump problem or circuit board problem. Pump works fine when running but just doesnt turn on when the heater does. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
Posted: 2008-09-22 02:43:35   By: summerschad
Re: OHH problem on Balboa 2000le
Could be a number of things:1. The 2 speed pump's low speed is faulty - could be the capacitor or the winding itself.2. The relay/board that controls the 2speed pump is faulty3. Software issueCheapest thing to try would be to see if there is a "load defaults" or "Hard Reset" option in the manual or the menu (like rebooting a PC). Not overly familiar with Balboa units, but well worth a look. The fact u get the error would indicate that the heater is being switched on, but for whatever reason, the pump isnt. This could be because it's not being "told" to, or because there is an intermittent fault with the low speed circuit.Can u get the low speed to work during normal use?
Posted: 2008-09-26 01:44:46   By: spa world online
Re: OHH problem on Balboa 2000le
yeah. the low speed works once the pump turns on high and then the button is hit again to turn back to low it runs until it heats back up again.
Posted: 2008-09-26 02:15:06   By: summerschad