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Settiing Spa Modes: Balboa VS Series: Keys 211D

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Settiing Spa Modes: Balboa VS Series: Keys 211D
Good Morning all...We inherited a hot tub approx.3 to 4 years old but do not know the brand. It measures is 74" x 74" The topside panel simply says SPA and has 7 touch pads which are: Pump 1 [it is 2 speeds], Pump 2, Blower, Mode, Light, Temp with arrow UP and Temp with arrow DOWN. and Temp Digital Display The lowest temp setting is 80 deg. My basic quesion is: How do I activate the various Modes and what Modes are user available? i.e. what touch pad button sequence do I use to switch to various modes particularly the DRAIN (Drn) mode? Also there is what appears to be a sluice-like valve device in a main pipe that has a plunger-like handle and I'd like to know what it is and does? It may have more than one of these. The topside panel is similar to the Balboa Ms-M3 but mine has an additional Pump. I also found online an overall error/mode code explanation and have been ableto figure out how to set the Filter hour durations, as well as the Economy Sleep and Standard modes. I can change the color of the LED lights but I don't know how I do it !!) I'm in very northeastern NY and plan to run the tub all winter and will want to drain it (it was put in service Oct. 2010. So I'm wondering does the Keys 211D control box offer a Drain mode and how do I activate it. Thanks for your help. John
Posted: 2010-12-05 09:20:26   By: johnff