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Cal spa 1993 burnt wires

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Cal spa 1993 burnt wires
I am trying to figure out what happened to out hottub. we drained and refilled it and it was hard to prime but finally did. I was working fine for about 5 min and next thing I know the hot tub is not working. The breaker was tripped and and nothing. I checked the breaker and reset and smelled a buring smell. The breaker tripped and I looked and the main wiring coming into the spapack was burned in the waterproof box coming into the spa pack. I opened th front of the pack and where the main wires come in are fine but they jump from a block to another block where there is contacts and they were blackened. I thought maybe the heater gave out but there is continuity from one pole to the next. I was thinking of re wiring to see if it might power on. What do any of you guys think could have caused this. This has been the 1st major problem since we bought this tub in 2007. Any help would be great!!! Would I need to replace spa pack and if so which one do I get? I hate to put to much money into it.
Posted: 2010-06-10 12:58:13   By: ccolt1
Re: Cal spa 1993 burnt wires
Input wiring will melt when there is a loose or resistive connection between the wires and/or the terminal block. This can also happen if the wire supplying power to the tub is undersized for the current it is carrying.You are lucky the tub did not catch fire. If it had caught fire the plastics in the tub produce thick, black and very toxic smoke. The fire burns very hot and is very difficult to extinguish.It should be obvious at this point that the electrical connection to your tub is at least a fire hazard and possibly an electrocution hazard.Do not re-wire the tub until any heat damaged components have been replaced.Hire a licensed, bonded electrician who will inspect the entire branch circuit and give you an estimate on what it will take to ensure the entire circuit is up to code.It's no coincidence the National Electric Code is produced by NFPA (the National Fire Protection Association).
Posted: 2010-06-11 09:18:25   By: calsparepair
Re: Cal spa 1993 burnt wires
Thank you for the reply! I think I know what made the sires do that. I was looking and the wires going into the weather proof box that goes into the spack looks like the culprit. It looks like over time where the wire nuts were inside have moved a little and the alittle bit of a wire was exposed from moving and it looked like it arced on the box and zap! We had just cleaned for the 1st time in awhile and I think we jarred just alittle by the spa pack and the exposed hot lead just touched some metal on the lid and it arced from what i can see. I have rewired and so far so good I will keep a eye on it but one thing is for sure I will use electrical tape over the wire nuts also to prevent it from doing it again!. I will have a buddy that is a contractor take a look again for me.
Posted: 2010-06-12 10:58:21   By: ccolt1