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Marquis Spa Problem, Error codes and repair questions

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Marquis Spa Problem, Error codes and repair questions
I’ve been having an issue with my 2000 Marquis Spa.I found the water level low due to a leak and screen displayed ‘Sn1’.I filled with water, reset power at the breaker box and ‘Sn1’ no longer showed.The ‘Sn1’ message was gone and the pumps ran on High and Low, but I was getting a ‘FLO’ message. The pump might have sounded a little bit louder too, not 100% sure, since I don't normally have the access panel off.I don’t think it ever really heated up the water and I noticed the ‘Sn1’ message the next day.I reset power and now get ‘OH’ message with cold water in the spa.Any thoughts on what might be going on? Suggestions of things to test? I'm concerned about the cold weather and the hot tub not being warm enough to not freeze.
Posted: 2009-10-14 12:55:08   By: gjk921
Re: Marquis Spa Problem, Error codes and repair questions
Hello,I am the owner of a spa repair company and would be glad to answer your question. Just so happens we are the Warranty service provider for Marquis Spas in Ontario, Canada.Based on what your describing, I have a few questions:1. Can you tell me the model of Marquis Spa?2. Do you have a circulation pump?Seems like your circulation pump is not moving water which would cause a "FLO" and "OH" error messages."Sn1" error code means one of the sensors is not functioning propery or out of balance.I would suggest getting a repair company out to have a look as you mentioned it is getting cold at night.Do your self a HUGE favor, go and purchase a 200Watt submersible fish tank heater. They cost about $60, if the tub ever dies, turn that thing on max and drop it in the tub. Will keep the water about 60 degrees @425 Gallons.Much better than a $1000 leak repair bill.Have a great night,Thank you,Michael Iddison
Posted: 2009-10-14 10:05:20   By: mdpoolandspaservice
Re: Marquis Spa Problem, Error codes and repair questions
Michael,I do have a circulation pump on it. And it is LQ-44-1-0-027130. I've been really unhappy with our local dealer and am hoping to not have to call them if possible.I've checked the cables and contacts and everything looks OK. I'm starting to wonder if the Sn1 message is more of an add-on after the FLO being on so long. The FLO message seems to be the first thing that ever comes up after the countdown. The main pump does sound a little loud, but I wouldn't think a pump that may be going bad would cause an instant FLO message after countdown, especially since the pump is still operational.
Posted: 2009-10-16 12:38:37   By: gjk921
Re: Marquis Spa Problem, Error codes and repair questions
Michal,I've determnined that it's the pump that drives the heater assemly that's not working. The Flow switch is fine and the pump gets power, but never do I hear it start running. Does this mean replacement? If so, do you know what part? Or could this mean the pump needs to be primed? Or am I missing something else?Thanks!
Posted: 2009-10-20 03:38:16   By: gjk921