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HELP! 1999 Hot Spring Prodigy (H) not heating, red light blinking

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HELP! 1999 Hot Spring Prodigy (H) not heating, red light blinking
I've read similar queries through the search function but still have questions.I have a Hot Spring Prodigy (model H), built 3/99.It has spent its life indoors, up until this summer when it was relocated to an outdoor three-season gazebo. It has had zero issues, and performs flawlessly. It still has the original Watkins No-Fault 6000 heater. It has always run 110V (not 230V), even though there is 230V available in the gazebo.Sometime last weekend, the main circuit breaker tripped (in the garage) for that 110V circuit. We didn't notice for at least 24 hours. The outdoor temps were well below zero (Minneapolis, MN). Once we noticed that the power was off, we reset the main circuit breaker. The GCFI on the end of the cord had not tripped, so the tub powered up. But the red light was blinking and nothing worked on the control panel. The water inside the tub was hot to the touch.After several hours, the red light was still blinking. I read the owner's manual and it was of little help. Then I searched the web and found reference to the 'reset button' (which I never found), removing plugged filters, and unplugging 30 seconds to reset. None of these worked. As of last night (three days with no heater function) the water temp is maybe 75-80 degrees, and I assume, falling.When I powered up after 30 seconds, the control panel lit for about a second before the red light went back to blinking. The circulation pump is humming and moving water (you can hear the water moving through) and the pump is hot to the touch. HOWEVER, the heater pump appears to now be completely FROZEN rock solid. There is a very small trace of ice dripping (frozen) from the end of the heater unit. No other splits, cracks, or ice is visible.I'm not sure if it's the chicken or the egg. Did something happen in the tub/heater that tripped the breaker? Or did the breaker trip unrelated to the tub and the red light is blinking because there is no 'flow' through the heater because it was already frozen?Anyway, tonight I plan to place a small radiant space heater in the pump compartment and hope it thaws.Any advice? Please help, I'm trying to make sure I don't ruin the tub or cost myself (more) money.Thanks!E
Posted: 2008-01-31 12:36:00   By: kaisen
right away...get yourself one of those small ceramic electric heaters like you use to keep your feet warm under your desk. Located at your local hardware store. Place it the equipment compartment set @50-60 degrees. Block the air space under the equip. door with a towel. Face the heater into the compartment NOT blowing directly onto a wire, pipe, wall, insulation etc. May not be a bad idea to contact your local dealer to see what kind of other de-thawing ideas or equipment they may RENT out. We do. MUST warm up those components to thaw the ice! If you're patient a heat gun works or you can even run a piece of 3/4" hose from the vessel or seating area and connect it directly to the front of the circ. pump., plugging/corking the line in which you took the circ. pump off of. Good luck, let us know how you make out.
Posted: 2008-01-31 09:23:05   By: hottub.pool_boy
Well, not the best results so far.I did purchase a small ceramic-element heater with a fan and thermostat, set to 75 degrees and tried to seal off the compartment fairly well. I did leave the tub powered on. The red light was still flashing (yes, it was red) and the circ pump was still humming and water was still moving. I left it heating overnight.This morning the red light was still blinking and the space heater was still doing its job. But now there are huge icecicles under the tub below the deck. Whatever was frozen (heater and related plumbing) has now thawed and whatever may have split or cracked from the freeze is now leaking pretty badly. I tried powering down the tub and bringing it back up. Everything lit up (which it was not doing) and after three seconds or so the GCFI on the power cord tripped. This happened three consecutive times. No blinking red light, but no nothing. BEFORE I reset it, at least the circ pump was working. Now, I assume, the heater is receiving power but since it is full of water it is shorting and powering down the entire tub.I left the tub covered with the space heater running, and water running out the pump compartment.So I am guessing I either need to fix the leaks and heater ASAP, or drain the tub and revisit all this later. I leave on vacation next week so I really don't have time.Any suggestions on how to drain the tub to prevent further damage?
Posted: 2008-02-01 09:06:52   By: kaisen
To winterize you'll need the following: 2 gallons- non-toxic antifreeze(camper type, swimming pool type), shop/ wet-dry vac, and a funnel with a small hose attached to it(for getting into the jet orifices). Drain the spa, vacuum out the jets, drain screen, drains, filter compartment, unscreww the filter standpipes and vauum out those. Put the antifreeze in every jet and opening available. Leave your two drain caps OFF. put the cover on it, tarp it if possible.Sounds as if damage has been done already. Address it once you have a thaw in your area. Hopefully the damage is limited to the equipment compartment.
Posted: 2008-02-01 06:43:55   By: hottub.pool_boy