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Heater problems (burnt wire)

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Heater problems (burnt wire)
I have a Sundance Sentry 850 that froze when I turned it off for a few days - first mistake I know. Well the Flow switch assembly burst and so I had to replace that and upon refilling the hot tub I noticed the heater was also leaking. So I took the heater apart and fixed that problem - the gasket must of froze and allowed a leak to occur, because upon replacing that it is now water tight. However, the real problem occurred when I hooked the heater back up, filled hot tub up and then turned it on because I started to smell burnt plastic. I drained it again and took the heater assembly off and noticed the red wire had started to burn and melt the plastic around it (Pic). Now I tried to take note on where all the hookups to the wires where and I am pretty sure I hooked them up correctly. I am no electrician so bare with me, but upon reassembly of the heater unit, the component that is connected to the burnt wire - with the blue sticker on top - might be backwards if there is such a thing for this piece, meaning I did not take note on the placement of the wires to the terminals. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: 2010-01-02 07:40:01   By: jester0722