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Pump won't turn on when the heater is on in my old Coleman Hot Tub

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Pump won't turn on when the heater is on in my old Coleman Hot Tub
I'll need to search and get a few more details but I figured I'd go ahead and get started in hopes that someone may have a quick answer. I've had this Coleman tub for about 6 years that I bought from another individual that said that it was a few years old already. It was a real good bargain! Anyway, I'm not really sure of any specs. I may post some pics in the next day or two. I've got pics of the tub, control box and some of the wiring when I replaced some parts. Anyway, everything still works great. I've replaced the heater contact relays, the air selection switch and the heater pressure switch over the years. Originally, when I first got it, when you try to turn on the heater, the relay would just chatter on and off. It turned out that the relay and pressure switch were bad and I replaced them. Since then, I've noticed that when I try and turn the heater on, the pump will not start. I always need to have the pump switched to continuous operation so it won't over heat and blow the circuit. (I can hear it boiling in there). The control unit has all relays and switches in there. There really isn't any electronics. I'm not sure if a wire was installed incorrectly, bad relay, bad pressure switch or what. Does anyone have any experience with these old relay boxes and has some hints? I'd really like to get this fixed before it starts getting cold and I have this thing runnning 24/7.Any info would be great.Thanks, Robert
Posted: 2007-10-03 05:02:46   By: rrack
Apparently it is a Horizon by Coleman..probably a 1988-1990ish... I just need a schematic for the relays. There's about 4 or 5 in there. I'm thinking a wire got crossed or something. Because now, I can't figure out the voltage for the blower. The system is 220V but I can't figure out what the voltage should be so I can purchase a new blower. It has three, black and of the relays really buzzes and the voltages don't change when the hi/low switch is flipped. How can I determine if the blower should be 110v or i need the schematic...please please please...I've got my fingers crossed...Thanks much, Robert
Posted: 2007-10-10 07:41:20   By: rrack
Uncross your fingers for there is no schematic.That said, some good macro photos of the inside of your control box would help.
Posted: 2007-10-11 11:44:59   By: pageup
Darn. I've got some of the overalls and general of the control box from several years ago when I last attacked this thing. I'll definitely post some pics in the next few days. I've also contacted Coleman and they forwarded me to Allied Innovations who Coleman told me actually designed the box. I've emailed them as well. I remembered that I had actually swapped one of the relays with the blower relay thinking one of them was bad...that was before I realized that it was actually the multi function selector switch that was actually bad. I'm thinking that I must have misplaced a wire....If I remember correctly, the blower lead shows 110v to the white and about 50v to the black...switching between hi and low doesn't change a thing. I had actually taken close ups of the relays before i did anything so I could reattach them exactly as they were. I'll have to triple check that. I'll also need to check the pressure switch. I thought it was only supposed to prevent things from melting but someone told me that it may also have something to do with turning the pump on as well. Either way, I know it's not shutting down because I can hear the water boiling in there...that's when I manually switch the pump to continuous...Anyway, hopefully I'll have some time this weekend and do some more digging...Thanks a bunch, Robert
Posted: 2007-10-12 04:35:18   By: rrack
Now that you mention it...I don't think it was coleman or allied that designed that thing.I'm pretty sure it's a Brett Aqualine job.Got any numbers on it anywhere?
Posted: 2007-10-12 06:52:05   By: pageup
actually, this is the website that Coleman sent me: <http> Their site appears to have hundreds of schematics...However, I just have no idea what model number I have. I just know that it's a Horizon from idea of the numbers. I've got to do some searching again tomorrow. I still plan to get some pics uploaded soon...
Posted: 2007-10-14 01:31:11   By: rrack